There is a history of the world of which most people are unaware. It is encapsulated in the phrase.
History is written by the victors.” What about those who lost? Their stories are lost in the tales of the winners. They are notes in the margin. They are “Other”. Often, little is known about them beyond the slanders and libels their successful enemies levelled at them. History doesn’t record their voices. Often, they left no written documents, or at least none that survived the destruction wrought by their enemies.


You must be able to keep the secret to your self

You must have strong belief of Success

You must be over the age of 18 to make your own

You must be able to pay a joining fee (Strictly)

You must be able to wear a black shirt/t-shirt/vest
not less than 3 times a week

You must believe that money is power

You must be aware that your name must sound in the
list of Celebrities and super-rich people

All men and women are welcome to join this Temple of
Only Success, Respect and Super-Rich

You must be ready to visit the sea water at midnight

You must have a belief in the changing/modern world
of doing Things.

You must be ready to read, respect and understand
the Prayer of the Illuminati

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doctor bandi
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