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Description GREENMAX APOLO C200 is a foam compactor, which could compact large size and lightweight EPS foam. The compacted EPS block is easy to handle or convenient to transport and recycle. GREENMAX APOLO C200 compactor specializes in compressing all kinds of EPS material and can help you to reduce the volume of EPS waste up to 50:1, which can reduce the store space for fifty times.

EPS burning or landfill will do a great harm to our environment. But GREENMAX APOLO Series can compact the EPS into tight block and the compacted EPS can be reused. As a result, the pollution and resource condition will be improved and changed much.

Global manager: Lucy Shen (Ms)
Phone: +19095094199
Email: Lucyshen@intco.com
Address: 805 Barrington Ave.Ontario, CA 91764,USA

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