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This condition may be associated with the development of Type 2 diabetes, however ongoing research tends to indicate that there are a lot of strategies that someone with prediabetes can use to prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

Prediabetes can also increase the risk factors for the individual for cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. The condition may also lead to complications with vision and kidney function as the individual ages.

Determining prediabetes factors

Prediabetes factors are measured by your IFG or impaired fasting glucose score and/or the impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). Some individuals may have both IFG and IGT at the same time.

IFG is measured by fasting overnight and then taking the blood glucose test. Individuals with 100-125 milligrams per deciliter are considered to be in the prediabetes range. Approximately 33.8% of the American population age 40-74 will have IFG.

IGT is an oral glucose test that gives a reading of 140-199 milligrams per deciliter after a 2-hour period. Out of the same population of 40-74 year olds 15.4% will have IGT, and 40.1% will have prediabetes.

Can it be controlled?

The good news is that research shows that some lifestyle changes can have a big impact on these factors, and can delay or even prevent the progression to type 2 diabetes. In the Diabetes Prevention program individuals that walked or moderately exercised for 2 _ hours per week, watched what they ate and stayed on any prescribed medication were able to reduce the rate of diabetes by 58% over 3 years. These individuals were all at high risk for prediabetes prior to entering the study.

In addition there are several medications including metformin, and acarbose significantly reduced the rate of type 2 diabetes. The studies showed that the medications were most effective if the participant was between 25-40 years of age and was heavier (60-80 pounds overweight) at the start of the study. Some improvement was also noted in older or less overweight individuals but it was not as marked.

Type 1 diabetes currently has no known methods of prevention. Ongoing studies are attempting to locate the factors that indicate the onset of type 1 diabetes in an effort to be able to introduce prevention programs.


As with all components of diabetes the key to understanding and managing prediabetes is to get the correct diagnosis as quickly as possible. Blood glucose tests should be done if there is a history of diabetes or heart attack or stroke in your family. It is important to also follow through on any recommendations that the doctor may make for further testing. Early diagnosis of prediabetes can allow the physician and the patient to begin to address the issues of weight management, exercise and diet and can lead to the delay or even the prevention of the onset of type 2 diabetes.

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