As a Prophet of God, let me tell you that you are right on track. You have connected with the Prophet Who Sees. And, I’m coming to uncover some divine secrets about how to Get on Top of Your Hill. Online prayers, true deliverance, miracle money, protection and healing, holly water, lucky oil, lion of Judah

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Listen, Mary made her journey in the city of Judah. By now, you know that Judah means praise. And where Judah was located was on a hill. The Lord says, “Anytime you continue to praise me, I will take you up the hill.”Anytime you praise God, He takes you up the hill, that’s why you can’t mess up with a praiser. Because anytime I praise, I jump one more step forward. Anytime I praise, I get on top of my hill. So anytime people see you on top, tell them you have only one secret, and you’re secret is because you are a praiser. The more you praise God, the more you get up of your heal. Hear me, anybody who is a praiser, doesn’t have time to be jealous of somebody. I said, anytime there is a praiser, praises are always getting up. Praises are always getting up. This is the time to enter in prayer and fasting. I’m inviting you to join me for prayer and fasting everyday. You must stay connected to a praiser because when the blessing come down, they fall on everyone who is around a praiser email


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