Description Have you ever wanted to stop smoking and failed How about setting out on a better exercise and diet regime and finding you get fatter and less fit If you have failed at these or other attempts to do something you want to do you are very normal and like most of the population. If you want to overcome these failures you have to learn to do everything you can to do what you want to do. The first step is to be really clear about what you want to do. Let us consider the idea of stopping smoking. If you don't smoke follow the path of the argument with something you want to start or stop. Smoking gives pleasure and is addictive. It also has bad health consequences with possibilities of an increase in lung or heart disease and cancer. Someone who wants to stop smoking often says they want to do so because of health and hygiene reasons. The reason most people fail with their attempt is that they don't really want to give up smoking. They are usually more committed to the pleasures and addictions of smoking than they are to their stated desire to stop. They don't really want to stop so when a little pressure comes on they usually don't. If you are honest with yourself you will accept that you are actually committed to the pleasures and addictions and that is why you will continue to smoke.



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