Description As you may already know, the earth's coal resources are becoming scarce. People are having to pay a lot more money now for power than they did years ago. Things cost more now because they are not as available as they used to be, and at the same time, it is taking more money to get to these resources. Could the rising costs of electricity be a message to everyone that they need to switch to solar power The fact is that unless people begin using solar power and wind energy, the prices are going to continue to rise because those resources will become more limited. Right now, there is information being aired all over the media about the major crisis that the world is facing when it comes to traditional electricity and the earth's very limited resources. This information is not being aired for publicity, the facts stated are real. There is also a lot of proof to support those facts, such as global warming, for example. Traditional power resources are not expected to last forever, which is why it is important for everyone to begin thinking about making the switch to solar and wind energy. Solar power and wind energy do not cost anything to operate because they run by the sun and wind. There is an abundance of sun and wind in most areas of the world. Fortunately, panels and turbines can also operate when conditions are generally unfavorable for solar and wind energy production.



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