Description Without proper intervention, the Arm Up System body will burn fat slower as one ages. The solution is quite evident! Control the calorie intake while getting enough exercise. As simple as it sounds, many continue to forgo these simple yet effective methods in controlling body fat. Eating healthy is a component that is often forgotten. Calories are important since they are the fuel that we use to live. However excess calories result in more fat deposits. Eating the right kind and the right amount will help you get a healthier body. The right kind of exercise also plays an important role. Crunches are favorite exercises for flattening the stomach. However, here is a quick fact about the all-famous sit up exercise: it's great for strengthening the abs, but it does little to remove the flab. Aerobic exercises help burn these unwanted fats while strengthening the heart. Moreover, it helps increase the lung capacity and circulate more oxygen to the system. It can reduce "bad cholesterol" level while increasing "good cholesterol" level in the body. This undoubtedly can decrease health risk in any person at any age.



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