Description I love to attend car shows with my family. It is great to walk around and see each of the cars, all shined-up and looking good. But, there is more to a nice ride other than the outward looks. As they say, it is what's on the inside that really counts... One of those most-important "inside" qualities is how the car sounds. In my book, that is one of the most critical aspects of having an all-around great show car. Although it may not be part of the judging criteria, it is one of my criteria for an overall great car. Which is why I seem to enjoy the end of a car show as much as the rest of the car show. I love to stand there and listen to the cars start-up and slowly rumble out of the car-show area. To hear that sweet music of a fine-tuned car, with just the right rumble, not too load, and certainly not wimpy, is really the icing on top of the show car cake. I am partial to the muscle cars with the nice rumble as they slowly drive by. It is also fun to see who is driving the cars, and seeing if the people match the type of car.



beula mary
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