Description Reality is ever changing, fluid in its forms as you perceive it. The dance of experience is perceiver and the perceived. The mind is so quick that when you open your eyes, the world appears. As the world appears it becomes this and that. Separation and name identification is instantaneous. The same thing happens with the I Am identification as the mind and ego come into play and you start believing you are separate from everyone else. Once you realize that all things and people are just energy and are a reflection of your mind, and then separation can begin to dissolve. When you question the nature of reality, you can begin to understand your relationship to it.

During a storm you can feel and see the energy in the wind and rain as the forces of nature combine to produce the weather. All living things are a product of focused energy, produced by evolution to form the present condition of each one. Humans have the added component of consciousness of the self. This gives us the ability to have intuition, contemplation and meditation as ways to experience consciousness above the sensory self. You are much more than what you see in the mirror every day. Your sensory perception is limited to the physical plane; it has no way to experience the subtle realms of pure energy. The mind can bridge the divide and bring thoughts, intuition and feelings that allow you to know the nature of your essential being. When you connect to the subtle realms of higher consciousness you will experience peace and harmony that is the nature of your essential self.



beula mary
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