Description Motivation is the driving force which allows us take action on our desires or goals. There is always a motivating force behind anything we do and it is the intensity of our motivation which determines how well and how fast we succeed at obtaining what we wish to achieve. There are many opportunities in the world today but these opportunities are totally dependent upon our awareness of our surroundings. Once we recognize an opportunity, our success is determined by our motivation for the desired outcome. Our success is also dependent upon our ability to meet the challenges of life. Many people become cowards and lost their motivation during challenging times. Motivated people, who experience challenging times will create a plan, prepare themselves, and take action. Life is often challenging and many obstacles are thrown at us almost daily. We blame bad luck, are often ready to give up, and become pessimistic of the world. During these situations, we should realize that it is a fact of life that obstacles were, is, and will always be a part of our life. We should use these obstacles as "learning experiences" and face them head on.



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