Description I know, every woman is afraid of gaining that extra pound, and I admitted that I am one of them. I used to be able to skip breakfast till the very late afternoon and just drink a bottle of juice as my brunch. And dinner, I would made do with some breads or vegetables. Now, I have got a baby to think about. And I get hungry easily too. Instead of three big meals a day, I tried eating healthy snacks in between, cup of raisin, an apple, and some grapes. It really does help to stave off the hunger pain and wondering if your baby is getting enough nutrition.One of the main reasons for health problems during the entire phase of pregnancy is that throughout the three trimesters, the mother's body goes through not only physical but also psychological changes. Most of the women go through a lot of discomfort during this time. These problems vary from one woman to another and the severity of the issue is also different.Another issue that cropped up in this period was the fact that there high levels of Sexism in the Black Panther party. This was largely depicted by the Actions of the Party's leaders-Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. In a book Published by Doubleday "A taste of Power" by Elaine Brown (1994), the author describes her experiences as a member of the Black panther party. Elaine Brown was brought up in a poor Black community but had the opportunity to access education.


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