Description The move towards solely 64-bit app support should not come as a surprise to mobile app developers- especially those who have been developing iOS apps. For the past two years, Apple has been warning developers to update their apps that run on 32-bit support. One such warning was the compulsory inclusion of 64-bit support for submitting an app to the App Store in mid-2015. At the rate with which Apple is cutting off support for older, 32-bit supported devices, soon the 32-bit code would be eliminated as well, rendering it incompatible with newer Apple devices.

It would be wise to note that a similar elimination of the 32-bit support system will be taking place in the macOS operating system as well next year. At WWDC 2017, Apple stated that the macOS High Sierra is poised to be “the last macOS release to support 32-bit apps without compromises.” Come 2018, it would be mandatory for all apps submitted to the Mac App Store to be 64-bit. Prior to that, Apple will continue warning its users about the imminent move from 32-bit to a 64-bit support system.

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