Description Testmax BUT the work must be achieved in the consolation quarter, it isn't always worthwhile to head beyond it and actively “hammer” the joint with too big actions. Performance Tips Performance Tips For beginners, it isn't a lot the weight of the weights inside the push-united statesthat matters, however the proper passage of the eccentric phase. Do not go through it with a “leap”, and “squeeze” the body out of the useless factor. You want to transport cautiously in order that the muscle tissues experience the burden, and now not just decide the trajectory of motion If the approach can't be completed without reimbursement, this isn't a reason to desert the exercise. Girls, entire novices, and those who for some reason are not able to transport with suitable amplitude, need to compensate for part of the body weight due to rubber shock absorbers, or the “gravitron” system. If elastic bands are used, they must be constant at the uneven bars so that it can be supported by straightened legs so that the trajectory of movement isn't disturbed.


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