Description A team of experts found that during orgasm "pre-frontal cortex, orbital frontal cortex, island, gyrus bend Granite Male Enhancement cerebellum were" significantly active ", i.e. those areas that are responsible for processing emotions, experiencing pain, Granite Male Enhancement regulating some metabolic processes Granite Male Enhancement even decision-making. It is worth adding that scientists from Northwestern University in Evanston have proved that rhythmic Granite Male Enhancement satisfying stimulation leading to orgasm puts the brain in a trans-like state. The author of the article on this topic, Adam Safron, compares the effect of female peak on the brain with the feeling of pleasure caused by, among others dancing, listening to music, as well as some psychoactive substances. - The reasons why we like sexual experiences may overlap the reasons why we like musical experiences. Photo: Thinkstock Since the dawn of time sex has been associated with the improvement of well-being Granite Male Enhancement mental condition. How does it look from the biological side? Stress is also significantly reduced during intercourse. This is possible thanks to the hypothalamus in the brain which makes it possible to secrete a hormone called oxytocin. The higher the level of this substance, the more relaxed the body is. Oxytocin neutralizes stress-inducing cortisol Granite Male Enhancement also relieves pain. In addition, during sex they release endorphins, commonly called "the hormone of happiness." They are responsible for euphoric states Granite Male Enhancement alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of many ailments. Sex can also lower our level of satisfaction. However, there is another side to the coin, because sex can also lower our level of satisfaction.



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