right guys so now we're at the track where I used to go to high school and yeah this is my hometown track and we're gonna get a little track workout in oh my god there's hurdles it's a long train for the Challenger games bill we're coming let's go gotta get that back workout in and we go to lose way and it would be my girlfriend without school oh yeah break that let go come on alright guys so josh is running around the track and little does he know I brought speed sweat which basically makes you sweat a ton so whole key to this is to lose like water weight so you guys sweat a ton and I'm gonna put this money and I'm just going to sweat a ton because of this look how shiny makes your legs do I'm literally gonna sweat so much and he's gonna have no idea Josh you're going down I'm so exhausted I'm literally thanking here it's study oh that's gotta be one pound on at least you're tripping out ladies one pound babe oh I'm so thirsty I'm so hungry so now we're gonna go to the grocery store and we're gonna get some stuff we can't drink too much water but like you can't not drink any water in the day so we're both just gonna drink a little bit wait till you guys see what we're eating to lose this way it's gonna be crazy my bad Katie hi guys quick trip to the store we bought the ball out here some good stuff for lunch alright guys so Josh and I are gonna make a game of this we have one minute and we each


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