Description Hiv treatment by hiv specialist in Dilshad Garden:- Dr Monga is a Best HIV specialist in Delhi & Std specialist in Delhi They Provide HIV test in Delhi and Provide consultation on the earliest detection of HIV.and Provide consultation on the earliest detection of HIV. Best and Affordable HIV Test/Std Test are available at Dr Monga clinic.you can book your appointment online and for more info call @ +91-9999219128, +91-8010977000.visit our site :https://www.hivtestingcounselling.com/treatment-for-hiv.html

Best HIV specialist in Delhi – Dr Monga clinic

If you have any doubt regarding your HIV status get yourself tested as soon as possible at Best HIV specialist in Delhi Dr Monga clinic
and start living a stress -free life.

If you feel embarrassed or anxious in discussing any health issue like HIV, we are there to help — in the most confidential and non-judgemental way.The HIV is a kind of virus that attacks the T-Cells of the Immune system. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) on the other hand is a syndrome that is developed once the HIV infection progresses.So, it can be said that HIV is the cause of AIDS or AIDS is the advanced stage of HIV infection.

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus has haunted the entire world for almost 3.5 decades now, as the first few cases were identified in the year 1981.

Numerous people have become a victim of this deadly virus and what makes it worse is that cure is still non-existent.Though the process of virus replication can be slowed down using various drugs the virus still remains hostile and fatal.

We at Dr Monga clinic provide a consultation to those who want to know every detail of HIV, AIDS and various sexual related problems.
With our team of experienced doctors, we will ensure that your every query is answered and you are provided with every information of preventing any chance of transmission of HIV infection.

As proper guidance is required to make the sex pleasurable and risk- free, feel free to visit Dr Monga Clinic and see Best HIV specialist in Delhi to better understand how the chances of HIV infection can be minimized using healthy and standard sexual practices that must be followed strictly.


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